Working on behalf of U.S. business to protect the current trade and to expand
and increase the potential for future business between the United States and Cuba.




Establish a national communications data base and network of companies, organizations, and others interested in participating in projects and activities related to the goals of the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association

An e-mail alert system will provide members with information on activities in Congress, in the Administration, and in Cuba which would have an impact on business with Cuba so that members can know when and how to express their opinions on such votes, initiatives, and issues;

The Association web site will include links to other organizations and groups involved in this issue; postings of letters and other documents dealing with U.S. political efforts, actions, and activities; latest administration rulings and actions related to business in Cuba; and amendments and bills in Congress.

A news digest will provide members press reports on business and other activities related to business in and with Cuba as well as political actions in the United States;

Members will receive a monthly newsletter on business and political events related to Cuba. The Cuba Trade and Investment News will be mailed to each member as part of membership;

As part of its ongoing Media Relations, the Association will provide accurate and timely information to the press and serve as spokesman for the U.S. business point of view through statements on current events, op-ed pieces, press alerts, and important information on business relations with Cuba.


Monitor actions by the Administration which would have an impact on current trade and future trade;

USCTA continues to follow closely all actions by the Administration such as the actions to define “pay in advance” to mean payment before shipping and will advise members as to appropriate actions to take.

Monitor legislative initiatives in Congress on a regular basis and provide information on such activities to members through the e-mail alert system as described above.

With the change in control of Congress, a number of initiatives can be expected to be introduced regarding Cuba. The new Chairmen of many of the most important key committess in both the House and the Senate have all solid voting records in favor of previous Cuba bills and amendments that have been introduced over the last few years to change the current policy.

As these are introduced in early 2007, the Association will make all information about Congressional activities available here on its website as well as alert members as to potential for expressions of support.

Tie in with other organizations and efforts to provide information to Congressional offices;

Provide testimony and other input to the legislative process consistent with the USCTA position of advocating for the interest of those firms conducting current business with Cuba and for full normalization of commercial relations between the United States and Cuba;

Act to mobilize the members of USCTA to support initiatives and actions of other organizations supporting the goals of USCTA.


Broaden the base of support for USCTA goals by building a membership – beyond the food, agriculture, and medical sectors - of any and all companies, organizations, and individuals who support the goals of USCTA;

Conduct business seminars and conferences
to educate the wider business community and recruit new support and members;

Beginning in 2007, the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association will hold a series of seminars for business firms about the current legislative and administration issues and actions regarding trade with Cuba, process of doing business in Cuba, the experience thus far and the potential ahead.


The Association was a co-sponsor of the U.S.-Cuba Energy Summit in February, 2006 ( held in Cancun, December 1-3, 2005. This gathering brought U.S. energy executives together with their Cuban counterparts for the first time. Other Summits on biotechnology, IT, and travel.

Teleconferences with Cuban officials in Havana are under consideration to allow members to ask questions directly to these officials to obtain up-to-date information. These occured in Washinton, D.C., Louisiana, Florida, and Texas and invloved senior Cuban officials from Alimport, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Basic Industry, CUPET, and Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Invitations to make visits to Cuba to members who have their own individual licenses will be issued to facilitate conducting business for those companies which sell agricultural and medical products. These visits will include interaction with high level Cuban officials who are responsible for the financial and business aspects of the current legal trade with Cuba.



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